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Mike Greer Commercial is working closely with Kiwibuild to plan, identify and deliver upwards of 500 affordable homes per annum into the Kiwibuild programme.

These Mike Greer Homes will be built throughout New Zealand and will carry the usual quality specifications and supporting guarantees that you would expect from the Mike Greer Homes portfolio of designs.

These homes will be designed, and built and will only be made available for sale once they are fully complete and ready to be lived in.

To see the current Kiwibuild Mike Greer Homes currently available for sale – click here:

MGC Team Andrew 01

Andrew Searle

Manager, Kiwibuild and Off-site Manufacturing

P: 027 449 8902 E:
MGC Team Maria 01

Maria Boddington

Sales Representative, Kiwibuild

P: 027 277 6248 E:

We love seeing projects completed as much as we love getting stuck in to new projects.

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